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About Value-Priced Painted Portraits

No two portraits are exactly alike.  Many of the portraits I paint are quite complex - with detailed backgrounds, foregrounds, or ornate clothing.  These take many, many hours to paint at the level of perfection that I demand.  In addition, the level of interaction with portrait clients who have sophisticated needs does not allow for the low Internet prices that you see on this site.

However, many people neither want, nor need that level of attention.  What they want are straightforward, but extremely accurate painted portraits.  If this suits your needs, it's a tremendous opportunity to own your own masterpiece for a fraction of the cost that I, or any other skilled artist, must charge for a complex, highly-detailed portrait.

As you view the portraits on this site, you will see that the level of detail and accuracy that I paint into every portrait is second to none.  Value-Priced portraits get the same level of artistic excellence that goes into the most expensive paintings that I create.  The only difference is in the level of complexity.

Here are the requirements to qualify for a Value-Priced portrait:

  • Photographs must be at least 4" X 6" for prints or 1280 X 960 pixels (if digital.) They should be in focus and show reasonable detail.
  • The background will be painted in a "shaded" manner by me and subject to your approval for color and texture.
  • If multiple photos are to be used, the subjects must be completely compatible with each other.  This means that the lighting, coloring, and poses of the subjects must not require significant changes to make them blend with each other.
  • Portraits cannot have highly detailed backgrounds or foregrounds, such as scenery.
  • Ornate clothing, such as wedding dresses, and military uniforms do not qualify for Value-Pricing.

Here is what is included with a Value-Priced portrait:

  • The subjects in the portrait will be painted at the same high standards that I use for my premium portraits.
  • Portraits normally do include simple, straight-forward modifications, such as altering the color of a shirt or dress, or repositioning subjects for better composition.
  • Painting out such minor annoyances such as blemishes, or "fly-away" hair is included.

If you have a question and aren't sure whether you qualify for Value-Pricing, please don't hesitate to contact me.  See this info on my CONTACT ME page.


If your portrait needs are more sophisticated or complex than this, please visit the website that features my Premium Portraits at:

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