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Pet Portraits


Pets are some of the most enjoyable portraits that I paint. From regal, or whimsical, to downright comical, these creatures bring pleasure to me as I work with their images. I know they bring great deal of pleasure to their owners, as well, because they tell me so.



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Dog Portrait
Pet Portrait Portrait of Katrina with her horse

 A fine-art portrait of your pet will be cherished for a lifetime. The rich details I work so hard on will capture the very essence of this beloved member of your family. Take a look at the pet portraits above and imagine your own dog, cat, horse, or other animal immortalized in paints. I'm so sure of the level of quality that I'll totally guarantee your satisfaction.


"I just wanted to let you know Ron's reaction to seeing Maddy's beautiful portrait. To put it simply, he cried. He couldn't help himself. He was so touched that I had it done for him and he was so awed by the beautiful work that you did. We both think the realism is so amazing that it looks like Maddy will walk right out of the picture. Anyway I just wanted to thank you again for your superb work."
Kristy Burton - Windsor, CA

"I think she looks beautiful, and I would not change a thing. I love the way you have emphasized her eyes."
Michaela Redford - Selby, UK

"I've been at my ranch and just now got back to Whittier and unpacked Rittie's portrait. Wow! There aren't enough adjectives or superlatives to describe this painting. Absolutely magnificent! Absolute perfection! I can't tell you how impressed I am with your portrait. From expressing the innocent inquisitiveness of Rit's demeanor to capturing the nuances of the gentle breeze, it's all there. Amazing. Thank you."
Richard Lee - Whittier, CA

"Got the painting yesterday when I got home... it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Its gorgeous!! So good I am almost afraid to give it to my friend, as I know his feelings will be mixed between happiness and sadness as the picture is exactly Zakky. I love it -- Thank you SO MUCH for this, it is ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!"
Lyn Craven

"You have done a FANTASTIC job with the picture, you are truly amazing. I love everything that has been done. This is a Once in a Lifetime portrait and I can't thank you enough for taking such time and trouble to make sure it's perfect."
Donna Miller - Clarksburg, MD

"I just have to write you to tell you how absolutely thrilled my husband and I are with Spike's portrait! It seems as if the little guy is looking right at you, about ready to get up and walk across the room! We were so devastated when he passed on after having had him with us nearly 16 years and it made it even worse to realize we didn't even have a nice photograph of him to look at. All we had were an assortment of snapshots, taken by us so therefore certainly not very professional!" "I am so happy that you were able to take one of our little snapshots and turn it into this magnificent portrait of our little guy!" "I told you I would order the other one if I liked this one so now I'm dying to get the other one also! Thank you so much,"
Joyce Wilkins
McKenzie, TN


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