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Business Portraits


This photo was a spur-of-the-moment shot.  Unlike a carefully planned portrait, there were many elements that needed to be changed in order for it to excel.  Click on the photo to see the resulting painting.


Click on any picture to see a larger version.

Business Portrait #1  

Business Portrait #2


Business Portrait of Mitch


  Busines Portrait of Mr. Cox

The business portraits shown above share one thing in common - a simple, powerful statement of the personality of the person.  Whether they hang in
a corporate boardroom, municipal hall, or the family den, they are a
reminder of dedication in the pursuit of excellence.



"I am so happy with this painting, I can't begin to tell you. The painting is beautiful. I've printed out a copy to show to our executive committee at next week's meeting. I've forwarded it to his father for further approval. You are a genius! Thank you, thank you! Big hug. Not only do you do spectacular work, you have a spectacular soul. Thank you,"
Sami Faulkner - Los Angeles, CA

"I just wanted to let you know your painting was a wonderful success. Mr. Marion loved it and has a place in his office all picked out for it. First, he wants to take it home and show his wife; the ultimate complement. Thanks again, those pictures made a wonderful presentation and he said they were so good, they almost looked like a photograph except you actually made him look better then he really is. Which is exactly the way I wanted it. Thank you, thank you and thank you."
Mary Ann Miller - Linfield, PA

"I am very pleased with the product as you have done it. The face and eyes are perfect as well as the background, etc. I would not ask you to make any changes at all. It looks great as it is!"
Robert Blok - Perrysburg, OH

"My family and I are absolutely thrilled with the portrait of my Grandfather. The portrait you produced exceeds our expectations especially given the price, which was extremely reasonable. I'm also really grateful for the endless patience you've shown in trying to make this portrait as true to life as possible. You were not kidding when you said you would fine-tune as much as humanly possible to meet your customer's expectations. I know you have spent many hours making sure that all the details were done just right and that is greatly appreciated. I plan to work with you again on another project and will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and associates."
Paul Reid - Lockport, NY

"WOW!! I think it looks great!! I think I actually like it better without the flags. It puts all the focus on him. It will hang in our living room where we also have other military art."
Kris Barr - Noonan, GA

"Just wanted to thank you again for such a a wonderful job. Thanks a million because you have made this 2003 issue of The Bluegrass Guide very special for us and for over 3400 other people."
Candi Sawyer - Bellows Falls, VT

"Jerry, the painting is great. My family loved it and we are excited to get it framed and placed in the new building. Thanks you for giving us this long lasting image of a man we all adored. I can't wait for the unveiling ceremony."
Kim Cox - Memphis TN


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