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Artist Information

Portrait ArtistHi! My name is Jerry Schuster. Portrait painting isn't just a job for me. It's a passion! I have the responsibility of creating a very personal piece of artwork that transcends almost everything most people will ever own. I take that responsibility very seriously. Nothing is more important to me than getting it right.

Here's my promise to you:

"I'll paint a magnificent portrait for you at a fraction of the cost of comparable artists. The Value-Priced portraits on this website have all the excellence that I create in their more expensive counterparts.  They are just less complex versions that are as meticulously painted as all my artwork is.  There is my famous $1 deposit to begin the process (and that's because it's the minimum amount to process the order through the shopping cart.) You don't have to pay me another penny until you have approved an image of the finished portrait. And I'll give you an unconditional, money-back guarantee, plus pay you $50 for expenses, so you have absolutely no risk, whatsoever.

How many artists are so confident that they can give you a 100% money-back guarantee - let alone add in an additional $50? How many will require a substantial upfront deposit to paint your portrait? Mine is one buck. That's virtually unheard of for high-quality custom portraiture.

I have the great good fortune of having a 100% success rate. No one has ever requested a refund. Never!  But that doesn't just happen by chance.

Here are the reasons for this high level of success:

  • I'll work closely with you from the very beginning to ensure that I paint exactly what you want.

  • You'll receive images by email throughout the painting process so you can follow the progress.

  • I'll heed your input, requests, and suggestions as you respond to the flow of images.

  • I'll make all the changes that are necessary for creating the portrait that you are dreaming about.  Is the background not the right color? I'll redo it. Is the shirt too dark? I'll change it. Do I need to remove some wrinkles around the eyes; perhaps paint away a few pounds? In short, If you're not satisfied, neither am I.

  • I'll apply the best of my talent to make your portrait a brilliant work of art. This is, after all, an artistic effort. It takes a great deal of skill to look at fairly plain photographs and then paint the striking works you see on the pages of this website.

  • You'll love my incredible prices.  If you long for the romantic feel of a painted portrait, but shudder at the thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars top artists (including me) charge, then wait no longer. These Value-Priced portraits are priced low enough that nearly anyone can afford to have the best. Many of my clients are very wealthy and price is no object. Yet they still commission me to paint their portraits.

  • You'll have my commitment to pursue excellence, be sensitive to your needs, and stand by my work with an incredible risk-free guarantee so you'll never have to worry about getting something you don't want.

Is it any wonder that I have a 100% success rate?  Since you are seeing the portrait unfold before your eyes, you will never have an unpleasant surprise when you receive your portrait and first gaze at the finished canvas.

As you read through the testimonials on this site, you'll notice that one of the common praises I get is my willingness to patiently work through the details until the finished portrait is perfect. Anything less is simply not acceptable to me.

OK, so how do I do it?

How can I paint portraits at the very highest quality and offer such low prices?

I've spent many years developing the 7-step system I call ™. My portraits are "painted" in every sense of the word. Although they begin life with some of the most sophisticated digital technology on the planet, they end up on canvas where I finish with real brushes and real paint. The result is totally indistinguishable from portraits painted with oil on canvas as used by "The Masters."

And don't be misled by people who merely manipulate photographic images with computer programs like PhotoShop. They can never compete with the proprietary methods that I've developed. My portraits are painstakingly painted stroke by stroke. Every painting displays the unique style of the artist's brushstroke. You can actually see, and feel, the rich texture of the paint on canvas.

In fact, every portrait I paint goes through the complex seven step ™ process before it's sent to you. There are plenty of ways to take short cuts in order to save time and money. But every short cut means a more inferior product. And that's something that I can't stand. It's taken me years of experimentation and hard work to develop the proprietary process I use, but the end result is truly marvelous.

Listen to the words of Paul Reid in regards to the painting of his grandfather:

    "The portrait you produced exceeds our expectations, especially given the price, which was extremely reasonable. I'm also really grateful for the endless patience you've shown in trying to make this portrait as true to life as possible. You were not kidding when you said you would fine-tune as much as humanly possible to meet your customer's expectations. I know you have spent many hours making sure that all the details were done just right and that is greatly appreciated. I plan to work with you again on another project and will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and associates."

Look, there are only three elements that go into any painting - basic materials (available at any art store), talent (not so readily available), and time. Almost any artist, given enough time, can create a worthwhile work of art. The problem is that the more time it takes, the more expensive it must be. Good artists that spend a lot of time on their work are pretty darned expensive by most folk's standards. Artists who are typically low priced move with great speed and sacrifice quality and complexity to achieve their low cost. Their works simply cannot have the complexity and detail that an artist with more time and talent can provide.  And, of course, those people who apply a photo-manipulated image to canvas are not painting, at all. Their price may be cheap, but so is their product.

I've created the best of both worlds. Because I use the ™ system, I can work quickly and with great accuracy. The complexity and range of colors in my portraits are characteristic of far more expensive works. And yet the finished portrait on canvas is indistinguishable from paintings that use more time-intensive traditional methods. Look at the paintings on my website and see if you don't agree.

Remember, my goal is to be sensitive to your desires and to give you exactly what you want. That's my promise to you.


Jerry Schuster

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