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Children's Portraits


The photo of TJ, at the right, was not posed. It's just a snapshot taken on an outing in the Blue Ridge Mountains. As you can see, it has the makings for a pretty good portrait. There were any number of ways that I could have painted it, but the composition and technique I used resulted in one of my all-time favorite portraits.


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Baby Portrait

 Children's Portrait


Portrait of 3 Kids

Portrait of Austin


"What a Masterpiece!!!  Words cannot even describe the thrill of seeing your portrait of the children.  It is the most beautiful work of art that we have ever seen.  You captured every single detail of our adorable grandchildren.  Your work is certainly the best we have ever seen.  We will never be able to thank you enough for the many, many days and hours that we know you spent perfecting this portrait for our family to enjoy for years to come.  You certainly made all of our dreams of a perfect Christmas come true.  You are truly a wonderful artist and we are very blessed to be able to have one of your portraits in our family.  "
Judy Rands -Bettendorf, IA

"This is unbelievable! You captured more of Gena than what the original photograph ever did. How did you do that? The way you painted this brought out an almost magical quality to her portrait. Thanks for doing a wonderful job."
John and Rody Steffens - Chapel Hill, NC

"Hi, the painting arrived today. It's simply beautiful. Thank you for creating a life-size portrait that will, for generations, document my daughter's beauty and grace. I'm ever so grateful we found you on the Internet!
Vicky Madden - Troy, MI

"Jerry, your ability to transform an ordinary photograph into a quality work of art is truly amazing."
Lynn Cummins-Dee - Durham, NC

"Jerry, Trinh cried when she saw the portrait. Now, the portrait is properly displayed in the master bedroom. Yvonne, our interior designer and Janet, our sister-in-law both cried as well. Iím sure crying is a women thing since I and the three kids did not! Anyway, thank you for the fine work!  The portrait will increase in value as the years pass along especially as the kids get older and begin living their own lives.  We are thankful you were able to freeze a time, a place, an experience that reflects a happiness, a bond, a closeness that hopefully will last a lifetime."
Rich Sato - Snohomish, WA


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