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Painted Portraits That YOU Help To Create!


I view the portrait painting process as a very collaborative effort.  Therefore, my process is highly personalized.  It's my artistic ability plus your hope and vision that insures a perfect painted portrait.  You'll receive images of your portrait at each stage of development - including close-ups as needed.  Your input and suggestions mean that every detail will be perfect.  Do you want it to be highly realistic? Or, do you want it to be more impressionistic? The choice is yours!  You'll watch it grow into a world-class painted work of art.  And, there will be no unpleasant surprises. You'll know EXACTLY what kind of painted portrait you are getting.  To read about this in greater detail, CLICK HERE.


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Custom Portraits




This is your opportunity to own an elegantly painted portrait on canvas from one of America's premier portrait artists; portraits that rival the details of the great “Masters.” 

The paintings offered on this site are my value-priced painted portraits.  They are highly detailed portraits, as you will see; lovingly painted with all the care given to perfect works of art.  But their overall structure is fairly simple (no intricate backgrounds or highly detailed clothing, etc.) If that fits your needs, a beautiful painted portait can be yours for a fraction of the price charged by comparable artists.  CLICK HERE for more details.  If your needs are more involved, click on the banner in the left margin, or here to view my Premium Painted Portraits.


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Portrait by RembrandtPortrait by DaVinci  
Portrait by J. S. Sargent Portrait by Romney  

Portraits by “The Masters”


W.H. Pittard
by Jerry Schuster

Please don’t confuse my painted portraits with the cheap, photo-manipulated canvas prints that are seen on the Internet. These are real paintings, subtly capturing every unique detail of a person's expression and personality.

Listen to the words of Carol Siller regarding the portrait of her father (pictured above.)

"Thank you for capturing my Daddy's (W.H. Pittard) spirit on canvas.  It is a beautiful and much loved piece of art, hanging at the top of the stairs in his birth place.  Your background color and frame selection appears as if you had a sample of the wallpaper on which the portrait hangs!  I'm known as "The Queen of Color", so this is indeed a compliment!"

 I am thrilled with your work.  Thought you would enjoy hearing some of the family comments.
" takes my breath away!"  sister-in-law.
"...he sure got him!"  translated:   "the artist really captured Howard!"  brother-in-law.
"..."my, my. my!"  aunt (Daddy's sister)
"Oh my God --- I've got goose bumps!"  niece (grand daughter).
" makes me want to cry..."   brother.
My answer to him was it makes me smile!

 Thank you again.  If you need a reference, please just ASK me.
Carol Siller, Amityville, NY

My Portrait Painter's Guarantee

You will agree that the painted portrait I create for you and your family is at least as good as any work painted by the Artistic Masters of our heritage. On the small chance that you are dissatisfied with my painted portraits, I will refund 100% of your money, including an additional $50 for any expenses or inconvenience afforded you. Contact me now! Together, we will make a masterpiece.   


  Portrait Testimonials
"Gosh! It is fabulous! You should see it after getting framed. Thank you so much for your great work."
Katarina Dorminy - Fitzgerald, GA

"I received the portrait yesterday and wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait for everyone to see it. It is absolutely breathtaking. When you sent me the finished picture online I was thrilled and it looked great, but it really didn't do it justice. Seeing the real thing is really spectacular. I can't express my gratitude enough. Words cannot tell you how truly thankful I am to you for having been able to capture this special moment in Isabella's life so beautifully."
Tina Setzer - Waukesha, WI

"The portrait was amazing!!! Rich's family was overjoyed as was the rest of us who came to know him. The quality of the work you did was second to none...and go figure to find you on the internet to boot!!! Thank you for taking the time and putting forth the obvious effort to complete the day for us and provide us with something very special."
Jamie Hart - Bolton, Ont, Canada

"You are an absolute creative genius! Our portrait is awesome, even better than I expected. And for comparison, I had a 16 by 20 enlargement made and side by side the quality and richness of the portrait is very obvious. I am thrilled and cannot wait to show it off. You are my hero, Jerry. A most Grateful and happy customer."
Terri Masters - Wolcott, CT

"Portrait arrived yesterday. All are thrilled with it. A beautiful job. I will pass the pamphlets you sent me to a couple of friends who are interested. Many thanks,"
Tom Brooks - Fairfax Station, VA

Jerry, the portraits arrived late yesterday as you said they would.  I can’t even begin to express how pleased we are.  They are so exquisite and beautiful.  I was surprised because it so exceeded my expectations for a final product which is surprising since you sent me the proofs along the way.  Scott, a typical guy who doesn’t pay much attention to these sorts of things, said “wow!!!!” and we were both very excited and very happy.  Emily’s response was “ooooohhhhhh”, the ultimate Emily compliment for something she really likes.  You did a superb job, and the quality, the craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail is really quite impressive.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so very much! Words just can’t express how happy this makes us.  What a lifelong treasure!
 Joan, Scott, Emily and Sam.

The portrait arrived safe and sound  and it is MAGNIFICENT!!!!. I absolutely can not wait to give it to Pete. I showed it to Nikki and she loves it. We can't wait to see it hanging over the fireplace. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into making this something my family will treasure forever. I plan on recommending you to everyone I know.
Liz Calastro, Ardsley, NY

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